NFPA 70E - Arc Rating

NFPA is the national consensus standard outlining safe electrical practices for electrical workers.

NFPA 70E is the guideline for evaluating the protection of electrical workers.  Compliance with NFPA 70E Safety Standard protects workers, but also reduces risk for employees of fines, should accidents occurs.


As much as 80% of all electrical injuries are burns resulting from an Arc Flash followed by ignition of flammable clothing. Fatal burns can occur at lengthy distances.  Statistics from NFPA shows that over 2,000 workers a year, or more than 5 workers a day, were victims of an Arc Flash.

In 2012, NFPA 70E changed the terminology referencing personal protective equipment (PPE); what was formerly referred to as FR (Flame Retardant) Uniforms is to be called Arc Rated. The difference between the two and the reason for the change lies in the fact that ALL Uniforms with an Arc Rating (AR) is Flame Retardant (FR), but not all FR Uniforms has an Arc Rating.  

Uniforms supplied by KONTRA has an Arc Rating and the level of protection has been determined through testing.

KONTRA provides FR and Arc Rated Uniforms with a verifiable ATPV value 8.0 cal/cm2, tested to prove conformance with the PPE2/CAT2 criteria.