User Informations


Caution: Read this user information carefully before using your new Uniform. The information is intended to familiarize the wearer of the abilities and limitations of the Uniform to minimize risk from a thermal exposure/Arc Flash. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the provided information, so that your Uniform will provide the intended level of protection.



Our FR garments are constructed with fabric that is self-extinguishing by removal from source and hereby provides a few seconds to react to an accidental exposure.  The garment is not designed for extended exposure to flame or heat or for exposure to welding, chemicals, hot liquids or steam. The Uniform should also not be used for firefighting, wildfire fighting or other activities involving flame or heat. This Uniform may lose flame resistant properties if not maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s care and clean instructions found inside the Uniform.



Please make sure that the garment fit comfortably. If the Uniform is too small, it will restrict movement and increase the possibility of fabric or seam tearing.  It is our recommendation to wash any Uniform prior to the initial use or any alternations.

KONTRA manufacture Uniforms according to the table below:

Pant Waist Measurement:  Actual Waist Circumference (Inch).

Pant Inseam Measurement: Actual Inch measured from Crotch to bottom leg




It is good practice to examine all fire-retardant Uniforms before each use for soiling or other potential contamination. Inspect each Uniform from the following types of mechanical damages; hole, rip, cuts and open seams that create potential exposure to the skin.  Confirm the functionality of closures like zippers snap buttons etc.

If any component of the Uniform is found to be damaged or missing, remove the Uniform from service and have it repaired or replaced.  It is the end user’s responsibility to make the determinations on when the Uniform should be removed from service.



We use and adhere to strict quality control standards to every Uniform. Since all Uniforms have a limited expected service life, KONTRA assumes no life span liability for garment that has been exposed to tearing and heavy-duty usage.  If you are dissatisfied with your KONTRA flame retardant Uniform, for any reason, please reach out to our customer service team email:



Always inspect garments before wearing and ensure selected Uniforms will cover both the upper and lower body.  Avoid any flammable/synthetic underlayers as those may melt during an accident. Ensure sleeves are rolled down.. Base layers and 1st layer garments such as T-shirt should be tucked in fully, to protect the wearer from thermal exposure.



NFPA 2113 standard provides instructions regarding the selection care use and maintenance requirements for flame retardant garments for use by the industrial personal in areas at risk from short duration thermal exposures. Follow the provisions in this document to promote correct selection of protective Uniforms and reduced risk caused by incorrect maintenance, contamination or damage.



Adding non-flame-resistant logos or name tags such as screen-print, or embroidery may be considered, but should be of limited size due to a risk of burn caused by a buildup of moisture (sweat) behind them. Consequently, logos are recommended to be smaller in size (less than 16 square inches for a single logo and less than 40 square inches for a whole garment).  The current OSHA Rule 1910.269 for FR and Arc Rated Uniforms does not require the use of FR thread for embroideries. KONTRA does provide product customization services. Please contact our representative for information on these services.



Do not store flame retardant Uniforms in direct sunlight.  Ensure flame retardant Uniforms are clean and dry before long term storage.  Moist storage will promote the growth of mold and mildew, which may permanently damage your Uniforms.



KONTRA flame retardant Uniforms will provide protection for the useful life of the garment provided recommended care instructions are followed. Flame retardant Uniforms should be kept clean. New flame-retardant Uniforms should be washed at least once prior to initial use. Flame retardant Uniforms should be laundered with frequency to prevent build-up of contaminates, that would reduce the flame retardancy.

KONTRA flame retardant Uniforms do not require special laundry detergents. Fabric softener can be used. KONTRA flame retardant Uniforms are designed for home laundering and should be washed and dried according to the temperature provided in the garment care label.

Do not use bleach as it will breakdown the bond between the fabric and the FR treatment.

Flame retardant garments can be dry cleaned and ironed.

In case of heavy oil contamination remove Uniforms immediately and either wash, replace or dry clean the Uniforms.

Do not use the DEET on flame retardant Uniforms. DEET is highly flammable and will compromise the FR effectiveness. Insect repellents should be applied to the body of the wearer only and not to flame retardant garments.



Fire retardant Uniforms can be repaired, however repairs must be made with fabrics and sewing threads that have a minimum the same flame-retardant properties as the original garment. Hence, KONTRA recommends that the garments are not repaired, but retired.



Retire Uniforms with seem break or holes. Retire and replace flame retardant Uniforms that have been heavily soiled with flammable substances that cannot be removed by wash or cleaning.